Posted on Monday, 8 August 2011

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What a great weekend we've had playing in and around the area! Friday night saw our full debut at the Cross Keys which turned out to be a belter despite a few technical problems throughout the set. Although it wasn't not as busy as we had expected, we were reassured for a Friday night it was a great turn out and next time, we would be playing on a Saturday and it would be even better. There were still people dancing, singing and moshing out from early in the set nonetheless with a mini stage invasion at the end and a number of ladies dancing on the chairs!
Pictures and reviews can be found on the Cross Keys website HERE

Then onto Saturday, to a wedding reception in Ilkley where once again, we were haunted by a few technical gremlins but we powered through and had the crowd dancing very early on with the set being chosen by the Bride and Groom themselves. Also thrown in there was a quick rendition of 'Surfin Bird' as made famous on Family Guy which was specifically requested by the Groom and his Mother which after the realisation of what it was, sent everyone dancing crazily! Weddings are so much fun as everyone is just there to have a good time, celebrate and get drunk and this is probably why we love it so much...Oh and for the buffets of course!

And now onto this weekend coming! We're back in our very own back garden on Friday playing the Coniston, Idle which always is a top gig and Sunday we play The Tarn, Yeadon's annual beer fest, also one not to miss out!

See you there!


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