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Posted on Wednesday, 23 March 2011

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Just a quick update to let people know that we have been booking a few gigs over the past couple of weeks. We will be making our first appearance at the Rock Cafe in Huddersfield in May and also will be retuning to The Tank in South Elmsall on a Friday at the end of April just to mention a couple. Check out the gigs area to see the most up to date list!

Also 4/5ths of SB have an originals project named 'Lysander'. We have a gig coming up on Friday (25th) at The Coniston, and would be great to see some familiar faces.

Check out http://www.facebook.com/lysanderband for more information!

Dont forget, if you have any pictures from gigs, you can upload them to our Official Facebook page! You never know, they may end up on here too!


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